k-pop stars festival

K-POP STARS FESTIVAL  dni święta muzyki K-Pop i koreańska atmosfera w centrum Europy.

To występy legendarnych gwiazd i prawdziwa podróż do i po Korei.


We constantly follow trends in event technology to be able to offer event agencies the latest lighting, multimedia and sound solutions, enabling the creation of original and effective implementations.We organize concerts of Artists with very high requirements of the technical service of the concert. They are Artists from the front pages of newspapers and from the top of the charts. Their music sells in millions of copies, and the Artists are idols and celebrities.


Stageart UK  is the organizer of cultural events of the highest quality. Producer of concert tours that win the hearts of viewers, filling the largest concert arenas in Poland to the brim.  Our team consists of people whose many years of industry experience are intertwined with a passion for music and technology. The effect of this combination is to provide the music market with completely new visual and auditory impressions. Organized productions are not an ordinary concert or spectacle. It is definitely more. Events provide extraordinary experiences, inspiration and emotions, creating memories to which you want to come back.  Stage Art cooperates with the best artists and experienced companies from the music and technology industry. “At every stage of production, we aim to satisfy the recipient. We create them in such a way that our guests can get 100% satisfaction and want to come back for more. "


In addition to large events, we are great at organizing studio, TV and thematic events. We have experience not only in scale but also in professionalism and focus on specific topics. Each project is individual and always has a carefully thought-out marketing path and technical background. a business plan and P&L are prepared for everyone

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