Information about upcoming events and concerts is provided directly at the ticket sales and is made available by the website minimum 3 months before the event

Artists and types of music

Techno Music

Live concerts provide an amazing experience. Electro or techno concerts are usually characterized by a great visual setting. Electronic music attracts a lot of people, and the pool of tickets for the performances of the most popular artists is very limited. For this reason, buying a ticket can be difficult. Nevertheless, it is worth trying to get it, because a techno or electro concert will remain in your memory forever.
At some events of this type, new songs or even entire albums have their premiere. Often there are also various kinds of gadgets for viewers. During the concert, it is worth buying clothes or other things related to your favorite artist. When it comes to electro and techno music - you can also expect remixes of existing songs at concerts. Very often, performers prepare such elements as an addition to the performance.
Such events can be a great opportunity to have fun with your friends. You only need to buy tickets for the performance of your favorite artist - it will guarantee a long, unforgettable night. There are often group tickets that are cheaper. Thanks to this, you can invite your friends to the concert, and each of them will simply pay less.
The concerts are designed for the audience, so the artist's interaction with the audience is the most important. In the case of techno and electro music, the visual layer is also an important element. Some events have a huge budget for special effects. Participation in such a concert will surely remain in your memory for a long time.

pop music, rock, r&b, Alternative Music

Pop and rock concerts are usually the most refined events, both in terms of sound and visuals. Pop musicians spare no effort in choreography and shows, and rock bands infect the audience with their energy.
A group of cult rock and pop music groups from all over the world has already arrived in Poland.These most widespread trends in contemporary light music give us quite a wide range of choices. Almost everyone can find something in them that will catch their attention

rap, hip-hop

Music bordering on rap and hip-hop has become extremely popular in recent years. The Polish music scene is backed by artists of this type, especially those representing the voice of the young generation. This music is characterized by a large number of fans from Poland and abroad. Rap concerts are very popular in our country and therefore sell out very quickly. However, rap in Poland is not only our native artists - due to the great popularity of this genre among listeners, the greatest stars of the world format give concerts in our country.


K-POP has become one of the most popular types of music in recent times. The spectacle with musical setting, professional choreography and a high level of artists delights and makes more and more people willing to participate in these concerts. Both women's and men's bands attract more and more fans to their concerts. Our goal is to spread this music and participate in its development
According to the author of the American music magazine Rolling Stone, k-pop is a blend of fashionable Western music and high-energy Japanese pop that draws listeners with repetitive catchy phrases, sometimes in English. K-pop is a combination of both singing and rap as well as paying great attention to the visual part of the performance and stage effects
K-pop is not just music: it has become a subculture that is popular with young people all over the world. Thanks to the Internet and the availability of digital content, it has gained a large audience. Members of this subculture refer to themselves as k-popers or k-poppers.