We organize large mass events in accordance with the provisions on mass events as well as maintaining a full sanitary regime

Production of concerts

We produce concerts for artists from Group A and B. Our concerts are both open and closed, taking into account the number of participants and the type of music

construction of the stage and technical facilities

We are able to build a stage, sectors from scratch and set up all technical facilities, as well as adapt to any conditions we have available

Completing a technical rider

We are able to prepare every Technical Rider for every type of requirements, this applies to technical, production and sound conditions

COmpleting a hospitality rider

For the Artist, we will prepare both a wardrobe and fulfill all wishes and propose the most experienced coordinators in the industry

dedicated events

We organize individual and thematic events for each group and for any type of facility.

MUSIC festivalS

We organize music festivals and a number of events with the participation of more than a few Artists, both mixed and themed music

promoting artists in Poland and Central Europe

For us, nothing is impossible, we promote every kind of music and every artist. We always approach the topic with full professionalism, writing out a detailed promotion plan in cooperation with the leading names from the industry

Advertising campaigns for a new kind of music

If the Artist is not known in Europe, or the music is less popularized, we are able to undertake any promotion and we are sure that we will be successful.