comprehensive organization of events (mass and special events, conferences, symposia, training, incentive trips, etc.):
organization of the entire event in accordance with the regulations applicable to the production of the above-mentioned event, HDV, mystery client, recording studio, dubbing, concerts, outdoor events, TV projects, management, event organization preparation of areas and facilities necessary to conduct the event,conducting a professional promotional campaign of the event depending on your promotional needs on a local or national scale,securing the event venue, security team and security services,obtaining the necessary permits (apart from permits to sell the product), approval of local authorities, police, etc., which are necessary to conduct the event, as a company that has been cooperating with many artists for years - booking the best performers, music bands and announcers according to the wishes and preferences of the client, professional equipment and technical support for the show,sanitary and catering facilities of the event,media in the event area - power supply,recreational and sports program for children and adults, full cooperation with the client's team full cooperation with the client's team
activities related to building the image of the company or product, integrated with the marketing strategy of your company,
plasma screens, holographic screens, projector vision walls, high-power multimedia projectors and modular mega-barco LED screens - indispensable directly when organizing mass outdoor events in full daylight. We also have complicated technologies of mixing and broadcasting the image on many screens at the same time, HDV, mystery client, recording studio, dubbing, concerts, outdoor events, TV projects, management, event organization
comprehensive services in the field of stage technology, adapting to the individual needs of each client (we have seven types of stage roofs of any dimensions and over 1000 light points, including 40 effect light devices),
professional sound system, professional laser shows, light and multimedia shows, and architectural lighting.


We organize concerts in closed and open venues. We also do outdoor events.
Open venues are open venues such as airports, stadiums or landscapes adapted to such events.
We build scenes, sectors and escape routes as well as technical and production facilities on facilities that are open from scratch.
We adjust closed facilities to the requirements of a concert, event or the artist's recommendations.
We offer events from 20,000 participants to 150,000 available with all artistic and technical facilities. We are responsible for COVID protection as well as all sanitary care.
The facility has security and full CCTV

cooperation with artists' agencies

We work with leading permanent bookers and coordinators of the largest Artist Agencies in the USA and in the world, dedicated to us. They are people connected with us by constant cooperation and mutual friendly relations. We are able to organize a party with an artist who is popular as well as one who begins his musical path. We do not have a specific musical trend, we are guided by the market demand and cooperation with regular Artists

legal cooperation

At each event, cooperation is offered by our Law Firm, which secures each transaction as well as participates in the entire project, securing both transfers, financial transactions as well as contracts and security of concerts. The Law Firm is renowned in Europe, has an attorney's deposit and full insurance for each transaction. Experience in the organization of events and all kinds of mass events allows our Law Firm to calmly carry out even the most difficult contract and requirements of the Artist. Each event complies with the regulations of a given country as well as with the laws applicable at a given moment in force with various restrictio


We have excellent contacts with electronic media, and through constant cooperation with television, radio, press and billboard companies, we guarantee high price discounts on their purchase.We prepare original advertising projects and cooperate with professional printing houses.
We have excellent contacts with almost all bands and artist hiring agencies across the country.We have access to the best sound equipment, the best stage lighting as well as various scenes and service ensuring a high level of event implementation.
We implement projects conceived and prepared by companies and by supporting agencies.We work for companies that do not have extensive experience in purchasing electronic media. We prepare original advertising campaigns for customers who want the promotion of their company or product to stand out from others.
We provide thanks to our capabilities and many years of cooperation with different performers (music groups, cabarets, etc.) selection of optimal price solutions.